Monday, July 12, 2004


A quote from 'Guide'...

Baatein karne ke liye itna taras raha tha ki socha thodi pee kar, apne aap se kuch kahunga. Zindagi ek nasha hai dost, jab chadta hai to pucho mat, kya aalam rahta hai, lekin jab utarta hai....

Din dhal jaaye hai, raat na jaaye
tu to na aaye, teri yaad sataye

Speech, talk, discuss. Why this urge to communicate? Why? Why wanting someone else to understand? To empathise, to understand, to just listen? Is it inherent in humans? Or is it inherent in me? And is it required? Can't I just be quiet for some time, an hour, a day, a week, a month? Not talk, not discuss, not converse?

Will I go crazy? Is the only time I stay quiet is when I sleep? That's weird no? I'm becoming like a computer! Open the Windows Task manager and the computer still seems to be doing something when nobody's sitting on it! Talking to itself, talking to other parts of itself, talking to anything and everything it can connect to, and things it can't connect to as well! Wow. We're building machines after ourselves!

Is all this talk really worth it?

If silence is golden, then no thoughtness is .... ?


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